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My Brother Chris, bares it all for Dangeroushockey…..

This article is about hockey in the fact that my little brother likes the New York Islanders.  Plus he used to try to play roller hockey with us back in the day.  He wasn’t bad.  But this article is mostly … Continue reading

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Rebels kick the living crap out of “Martians” in Men’s/Child’s league game?

Hockey North America, one of the most respected and organized “Men’s Leagues” around got a taste of Dangeroushockey as my Cleveland Rebels put a beating on the 1st place “Martians.”  It wasn’t the 7-3 score that this story is so … Continue reading

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I am taking short break due to illness… yourself a favor…..

READ MY OTHER CRAP!  love you all.  Hope to be back by playoffs.  Live every moment.

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Break Up with Brienne leaves DH future in doubt.

Dangeroushockey has always claimed “he’s the loneliest man alive.” Stuck in a shithole marriage, running a thriving business, and author of one of the crappiest blogs on earth. Filmmaker, a man unfulfilled promise.  Then one day it all changed.  Like … Continue reading

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Porn Industry sick of NHL’s “Head Shots”

Leave it to the “Adult”film industry to bring an unusual twist to the seemingly never-ending “Head Shot” issue in the NHL and professional sports in general.  The the recent Porn Convention in Vegas, many leaders have expressed legitimate concern over … Continue reading

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Will Mystery Disease Keep the Blues out of Cleveland?

Obscure blogger and shitty hockey player, Rocco Tremaglio’s potential health problems: Bloodwork may just keep the St. Louis blues out of Cleveland.  “Look, I tend not to overreact to thing.  It’s just a liver.  I think they grow back don’t they? … Continue reading

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Dangeroushockey: Do Bowel Movements affect player safety?

In the era of massive NHL suspensions, and even more achy concussions, one must stop and really look at everything that is contributing to these issues.  Certainly size and speed of players is one.  Rink design, refereeing, the whole nine … Continue reading

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“I have cancer”

Words that Eric Naughton and countless others have to utter each and every year to themselves, their loved ones, themselves again and again questioning the realness of it. It took a cancer diagnosis (Hodgkins) to change Eric’s life for the better. … Continue reading

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My “Personal” email Conversation with Roger Goodell about NFL and NHL

Begin forwarded message: From: Rocque Trem <> Date: March 11, 2011 9:50:41 PM EST To: “Roger Goodell” <> Cc: Subject: Re: Letter from Roger Goodell Roger,Look.  First of all, if you care about my passion for the game, you … Continue reading

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The Year of “Dangerous Hockey”

Head shots, concussions, bench clearing brawls, pre meditated attacks on players, slew footing, knife fights in parking lots, severed heads, octopus attacks.  What a great fucking year for the NHL!  And sports in general. Look, who are we kidding?  Violence … Continue reading

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