2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 3,700 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 6 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Has “Dangeroushockey.com” been banned from the internet?

Here we go again.  Never a stranger to controversy, Dangeroushockey.com appears to be in an epic battle with Web behemoth, “Google, Inc.”  We all know that many a worried parent accidentally end up on the infamous bloggers site querying the words “dangerous hockey” but to be ostracized by Google for this harmless coincidence is downright evil, no? Just ask blog owner Rocque Trem

“Fuck Google.  Their mothers all suck big-fat-giant elephant dicks.  Got that?” said an amused Tremaglio when informed that his non profit blog may indeed be shut down entirely if he doesn’t resolved this issue in a matter of days.  “Besides, we always have Yahoo, Infoseek and Lycos.com for Christ’s sake.”  Trem maintained that he and his team of unpaid interns are not affected by this band and that he’ll “get to the bottom of it and sort it all out.”

“I’ll jizz in Google’s lobby.”

Rumors that ex-NHLer hothead Matthew Barnaby were quickly put to sleep.  “Barnaby?  That fag?  He can’t even beat his wife’s new boyfriend up right, let alone spell Google.” smirked Trem.

“But we’ll look into it.”  Calls into Google were not returned.  Stay tuned, should be a fun battle.

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Dangeroushockey offers $500 Reward……

JUST OUTSIDE CLEVELAND–  International phenom blogger, Dangeroushockey.com has issed a $500 reward for the identity of their newest international fan from the Netherlands (See photos) “Look, we don’t give a shit about our readers privacy.  We want to know who’s sniffing around our site?  Fuckers may be trying to plagiarize our site.” said heated owner Rocco/Rocque  “For all we know it’s that rapist, murdering Joran Vandersloot or his arrogant cover up conspirator Father.  Or some international terror plot.”  barked Trem.


“Any NHL players over there? Better not be that SOB Barnaby.”

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Hockey Blogger Lands NHL/NBA Jewels?

“My boobs weren’t quite big enough, so I grabbed a stick for him to sign.”

A Kyrie Irving hockey stick?  In what is certainly an unusual site, Dangeroushockey.com owner, and self titled “collector doosh,” landed what many feel is likely the only one on the planet.  Tremaglio’s only comment while pausing from browsing website “Cowboy’s.com”  was “Is Romo really out for the season?” he chuckled.

“Ya, I don’t know, my kid didn’t want it so we’re gonna try an dump it on ebay for like $850,000.  Hopefully some oil dude or the Democratic party are dumb enough to buy it.”  Said Trem.  Dangeroushockey.com has been one of the least read, and awarded, hockey blogs in the world since it’s debut late 2009.  Despite their hard hitting edge and lack of fact checking, just like the sport they cover, there is little audience.  Good news is the site is, and always will be, 100% devoted to charities so look for the stick to raise at least $12-$14 for Make a Wish.

Trem also denied trying to re-break the NBA star’s shooting hand by shaking it at a recent Window appearance.  “If it were me, he’d be back at the surgeon already.”  laughed Tremaglio  “Besides, I like the kid.  He’s a fucking filmmaker and can hoop, boy can he hoop!! Let’s just hope he starts putting some titties in his films.”

Uncle Drew on Ice, coming soon?”

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Dangeroushockey to offer Unpaid Internships to locked out NHL players

One known to always “do his part” Rocque Trem, owner of Dangeroushockey.com announces internship positions for out of work NHLers. “As sure as Katie Perry is shooting fireworks out her titties (here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGJuMBdaqIw ) we’re gonna help these young men.  Without them, we’d be just like the owners, rich and without hockey players.  Well without hockey players.” said Trem.

Nobody ever knows for certain what the fuck Trem is talking about, but we do know for certain that any locked out NHL player or sibling of a player will be “interviewed” for 1 of 29 unpaid internships which have been added as of yesterday at the web/publishing juggernaut Dangeroushockey.com

Check back for an entire listing of job descriptions, or call Trem directly at (216) 702-9916

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Washington Goodfellas: “Fuck you, JUST WIN!”

“You wanna fuck with Jimmy Conway Ovi? Just pay him!”

“Fuck you, pay me! How many of these hockey sticks can we move out the back door? “

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Oops, nevermind………Dangeroushockey offers $15,000 reward for info on Axl Rose’s stolen jewels.

“Is OJ still roaming the Earth?”

LOOKS LIKE THERE’s BEEN DEVELOPMENTS PRIOR TO ME POSTING, so DISREGARD: Axl robbed of $250,000 in jewels. Look, just because he’s famous and rich doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings. PLUS he’s a HOCKEY FAN! I’ve been robbed (ironically once in Paris by a Strip club owner).  Anger, helplessness, violated etc.  It sucks.  Typically jewelry, regardless of price, it has personal value that cannot be replaced.  I’ve admired the beautiful jewels Axl wears and have seen them in front row: “Up Close and Personal” as Axl smiled at me in NYC (see Video) 

That said, I’m prepared to offer $15,000 reward to anyone who offers a tip (one reward) to the return of jewels, arrest and conviction of thieves.  

NOTE #2: I will offer another $15,000 donated to charity of choice should the thief “Get in the Ring” with me for 3 rounds so I can attempt to kick the living crap out of them (or die trying).  (Note this would be after they served their time and if we can work out safety and logistics including expenses)

So pretty please, with sugar on top, please give him his fucking jewels back.  (thanks QT)

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Devils Game 1 NOT SOLD OUT for Cup Finals


Tickets Anyone?

What is going on here?  Wait, maybe it’s because the tickets are $1,200 each?  Nah, lots of money in NJ.  Maybe because it’s the Kings?  Nah?  Maybe because it’s the Devils/Kings?  Nope.  It’s because it seems like a MONTH since the last game was played.  People, including yours truly, don’t even know there’s a game tonight?  That what I think.  Still, regardless of what reason, to not sell out an entire series BEFORE it starts is unacceptable for a major sports finale.  

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Ticket anyone?

Ticket anyone?

Tickets anyone?

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Dangeroushockey’s Conference Finals Previews

Axl Rose now has this authentic, Game Worn “Sean Avery” jersey.

Rangers 4-0.  Devils are not that good.  Neither was Philly, nor Pittsburgh.  They essentially sucked all playoffs.  Rangers didn’t suck.  VIEW: Axl Rose pointing at the jersey I later gave him.

Coyotes in 5. Richard and Carter are a couple of overrated punks.

Can’t find Coyotes pic at moment.

and really are NOT the soul of the team. Dustin Brown is badass but not Shane Doan owns Dustin Brown in every aspect of the game.  And I give Mike Smith the edge to Jonathan Quick because he is just slightly better.

I’m so confident the above will happen, I’ll donate $5,000 to a charity of any NHL player’s choice if they contact me and consider an interview.

There you have it you stat geeks, I’ve become what you all crave, another boring hockey blogger.  But if you ask Brooks Laich, A pretty good one: 

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