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Video: LeBron “CRYING” Oh goodness….Never in HOCKEY

With some of the most innovative marketing in NHL, this would ROCK.  Headline “Hockey Players don’t cry.  EVER.”    Well unless they’re 4.

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Video: 7 Year Old Hockey Player Enjoys Medicine While Having Head Stapled Together

There’s nothing more enjoyable than having to rush your child to the hospital with him screaming and blood gushing out of his head.  But when the Docs tell you that the medicine will make him “Forget everything” they aren’t kidding. … Continue reading

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UPS on Gillies “I’ll be back.”

Depending on your point of view, New York Islander Trevor Gillies may have intentionally run Cal Clutterbuck just to return to his temporary UPS gig.  “um, I dunno, Trevor was just one of us ya know?  We’d do our thing, you … Continue reading

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