UPS on Gillies “I’ll be back.”

Depending on your point of view, New York Islander Trevor Gillies may have intentionally run Cal Clutterbuck just to return to his temporary UPS gig.  “um, I dunno, Trevor was just one of us ya know?  We’d do our thing, you know work and all, the all grab beers at the end of the day.  He just seemed like a regular dude. But boy could he put away the brews.” said UPS foreman Tony Russo.

"UPS-NHL, is there really a difference?"

Gillies spent his last 9 game suspension loading boxes and being a “driver in training.” according to Russo.  “He showed up on timed and kicked ass.  The guy really knows how to use a tape gun.”

Many speculated whether or not Gillies actually wants to be, or belongs in the NHL.  “Look, I don’t know nothin about that, but when he works here, he’s never done nothin to no one.  Trevor will always have a job with us if he want’s to stay.  But that’s up to Trevor.”

One unidentified “Brown” driver mentioned that he thought Gillies was joking around at the bar when he quoted the line made famous in The Terminator “I’ll be back.”  Gillies could not be reached for comment.

I'm back baby, who want's to go?

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2 Responses to UPS on Gillies “I’ll be back.”

  1. I thought the first hit was far worse than the second. Then again, it looks as though the NHL wants to make an example out of somebody, so UPS may get their Employee of the Month back pretty soon.

    At least it’s a little more exciting than other “retired” players who just become realtors.

  2. hockeyrocque says:

    Google Names “World’s Greatest Hockey Blog?”

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