WINDOW NATION & DH will give away chance at $600,000,000+ TODAY (400 FREE LOTTO TICKETS!!!)

Shared ticket pictured, split equally among all fans who make a POST and DH, so now world can enter. Hurry. Then we ALL buy the Islanders and move them to CLEVELAND???

WANT A FREE TICKET?  (UPDATE 3-4PM today at WINDOW NATION OH corner of Miles and Richmond in Bedford, OH 400 FREE TICKETS!!!)  READ: After a long absence, what better way to win back my fan (or fans) than the good ole fashion American way:  BUY THEM!!  Tomorrow, I (Dangerous himself) will be parading around town (Greater Cleveland) with Lottery tickets and handing them out to random folk.  The current jackpot of the Mega Million on the Ohio Lottery site is estimated at $540 million.  That’s enough to buy the Islanders (hint hint).  So stay tuned.  Clues will be given here, and via twitter @dangeroushockey in addition to any other media outlets courageous enough to pick up this almighty story.

Once again, at the cutting edge of blogging, if things happen the way I envision, one of my lucky fans will own their very own NHL franchise in the not too distant future.  I only ask that you bring it to Cleveland and allow me to come to a game or 2 in the owners suite plus a free Mike Symon dog.  CLUE OF FIRST GIVEAWAY IN VIDEO JUST CLICK ON LINK AND WATCH!!!!!!!!.  VIDEO OF FIRST TICKET HOLDER, Nick from AURORA (Click HERE)

This looks like More than enough to buy the Blue Jackets?

Now make sure you do your part and check your numbers and WIN dammit.  WIN!

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Is Peyton Manning Satan or God? Tebow Jesus? DH interviews Church to find out!!

It’s hard to stay focused on hockey why when the second coming may be playing out in “God’s game” the NFL.  Dangeroushockey (Note the subliminal Framed, autographed Sidney Crosby Jersey in background for those of you bags who say I’m no longer a true hockey blog also don’t forget the double entendra for Satan) is on the case to see what the hell is going on in Denver.  Being worried about Tim Tebow, I called around to local Churches to get some theological answers.  

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Dangeroushockey stable after multi-car Crash, Hockey career in Jeopardy

"from my 09 accident. Today's photos pending investigation." NOT ACTUAL PHOTO FROM TODAY

The jolt was sudden and powerful considering the low rate of speed involved in-car #2 (it was parked)  My injuries are all to real and come ironically the day before I started my comeback training for hockey.  Injured are: Wrist, neck, back.  Wrist from holding the steering wheel.

The only things that went through my mind during this disaster were:

  1. Will Wysh publish this? Will he call?
  2. Did I really hit a car parked in my driveway? One that I parked? Really?
  3. Who would manage my Fantasy team should I make the playoffs?  Will I make them?
  4. Why do I more often than not get little tiny pieces of toilet paper stuck in my butt?
  5. Did Matt Barnaby have anything to do with this?
  6. Am I still Google’s “World’s greatest hockey blogger? Blog?”

I have nothing else to say other than I’m as I’ve always maintained one of the biggest jackasses without trying like those Movie guys, on Earth.  Eh (that’s for my Canadian friends)

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Dangeroushockey close to landing Peyton Manning for “Turkey Bowl” team?

 The gentleman on the other end of the phone seemed thorough (or maybe thoroughly annoyed) as he took my very specific message about trying to land superstar QB, Peyton Manning for our 2012 turkey bowl team.  “Rest assured nobody’s gonna put a bounty on his head here.” said WR, Chris Trem when asked about being Peyton’s teammate?

Even though the Tremaglios are UNDEFEATED lifetime vs. the Calvetta Bros, “we’re always looking to improve our team” said DH President and GM Rocque Trem.  NOTE: Dangeroushockey’s current QB “Joe Handoff Trem” was immediately waived in anticipation of Manning.

ANOTHER NOTE:  I was wearing my authentic game issued Sean Avery Winter Classic Jersey during call so this is a hockey story SUCK Daddy.  How about some love?

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Miami Beach Man: FREE VIP GnR Ticket. 1 YES ONE for tonight!!!


Me and Zulu

I have a ticket for TONIGHT’S GUNS N ROSES SHOW, but no fucking way to get to Miami.  Stuck in snow.  Who wants it??? 1 ticket for MIAMI!!!!  That’s it.  First person to email me at: their email address and PROMISES to GO!! YOU MUST GO TO SHOW. Not sell it!  I’ll email you the ticket.

By the way its a VIP ticket so you can stand right in the fucking front and yell “Dangeroushockey RULES” to the band, if you want.  You little nutty kids.  Behave and be safe.  PS: I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE BAND, other than fan.

Why go?  Trust me.  Or watch this:

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Bruce wins, Puppy killers lose.

Lots of good effort. I’ll explain more later. Congrats Bruce from the ATL

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I’m such an Idiot,so win these: GnR Atlanta section 201, row C, seats 4-3 (TOMORROW!!!)

Axl and Bumble clearly looking for and missing me:(

Once again, the man that’s known as Dangeroushockey, has bit off more than he can chew and is UNABLE to make Atl.  Mind you these shows are literally amongst the best shows you or I will ever see.  My loss is YOUR gain.  DETAILS:

1.  Win 2, FREE tickets.  That’s it.  REst you’re on your OWN.

2.  How? Well, here’s how: Convince me.  Hot chicks have an advantage.  But guys don’t despair.  Be creative (i’m feeling CRAZZZZZZY so get it?)  NO X RATED.  R is OK.

3.  When:  Contest ends at NOON tomorrow.  I’ll post winner and EMAIL the tickets.

3.5 Where?  I’m not even sure, google it!

4.  BONUS points IF you watch and comment on my film link:  “Did Grandpa Like Root Beer?” with music by Bumblefoot.  Positive, negative, I don’t care just have an opinion.  NOTE:  Not necessary to win.  Also, feel free to share it if you enjoy.  OK so a little self promotion but fuck you I’m giving you my $300 seats! 🙂  Love you all.  Peace.

ENTER:  Posting on this blog, or EMAIL:, OR @dangeroushockey on twitter

PS:  I have zero affiliation with the band but if you read my past blogs you will see this is VERY real and many have had a VERY good time thanks to my idiotic behavior.

Me, at WalMart, bummed I cannot go......

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Todd Bertuzzi signs 2 year, 4 mil deal with Wings.

Meanwhile Steve Moore has yet to find any NHL interest.


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Hockeytown, liver disease, Gnr & the coolest “Principal” I’ve never met…….

Jim Morrison out from hiding for one special night!

Somehow my hockey blog, which is hated the world over, has now become a quazi Guns N Roses contest/review page.  Fortunately for you, I cannot review concerts they same way you are used to.  I can, in fact, review a concert I never even made it to.

FACT:  I have liver disease.  It’s treatable.  I need to work immediately on this.  NAFLD is the official term.  Who cares?  Well Guns n Roses does.  They actually tweeted me, thank you, thinking I manned up and made the show.  I didn’t.

But Brenda V. did.  My misfortune was her gain. And honestly, I love that she got to go.  Imagine being a Middle School PRINCIPAL for REAL, entering my silly little contest.  Next thing you know, the coolest mother of 4 I’ve ever met, was at her “Travel Agent’s” booking round trip to Detroit from Minneapolis to sit in my seats.

Brenda and her hubby had a glorious time.  She tweeted and emailed till the wee hours of the morning.  By the time the show ended, I was sound a sleep with my CPAP mask and dreams of a better day.  Brenda, on the other hand was just getting started.

Her husband and her managed to get back stage where an obvious orgy was going on.  Immediately her husband began performing sex acts on (I’m assuming nobody’s reading this far) JUST kidding.  But oh what rumors those young Minnesotians could have about their GnR sex starved Principal.

Nah, Brenda and her nice hubby had a great time, flew back and she’s now overseeing the future of our country.  Generations of NHL stars to be (it is Minneapolis for Christ’s sake) or rock stars, or WWE politicians.  Who knows.  All I know, is for me to know, that I can share that bond of seeing what is without a doubt the best act/show/concert around, I’m happy as if I went.  Well, almost.  God fuckingdammit….get your shit together Rocco.


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Winner ANNOUNCED: Brenda V. A school Principal from Minnesota

Soon Brenda will be watching out for flying Confetti

Congrats to Brenda, who wins simply for being ironic.  A school principal from Minnesota will be heading to Detroit, (hockeytown) to see rock n roll icons and crazy fuckers “Guns n Roses”  I bet back in the day, many of the members of GnR spent time with their school “Principal” and while it’s not Hot For Teacher, it’s a cool trip to Detroit for Brenda and her hubby.  Have fun kids!  PS:  NO you’re not gonna meet Axl or anyone as far as I know. I have NO, ZERO, affiliation with the band, other than they love me:)

Winner winner chicken dinner.  And Brenda my liver says “have fun baby.”

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