WINDOW NATION & DH will give away chance at $600,000,000+ TODAY (400 FREE LOTTO TICKETS!!!)

Shared ticket pictured, split equally among all fans who make a POST and DH, so now world can enter. Hurry. Then we ALL buy the Islanders and move them to CLEVELAND???

WANT A FREE TICKET?  (UPDATE 3-4PM today at WINDOW NATION OH corner of Miles and Richmond in Bedford, OH 400 FREE TICKETS!!!)  READ: After a long absence, what better way to win back my fan (or fans) than the good ole fashion American way:  BUY THEM!!  Tomorrow, I (Dangerous himself) will be parading around town (Greater Cleveland) with Lottery tickets and handing them out to random folk.  The current jackpot of the Mega Million on the Ohio Lottery site is estimated at $540 million.  That’s enough to buy the Islanders (hint hint).  So stay tuned.  Clues will be given here, and via twitter @dangeroushockey in addition to any other media outlets courageous enough to pick up this almighty story.

Once again, at the cutting edge of blogging, if things happen the way I envision, one of my lucky fans will own their very own NHL franchise in the not too distant future.  I only ask that you bring it to Cleveland and allow me to come to a game or 2 in the owners suite plus a free Mike Symon dog.  CLUE OF FIRST GIVEAWAY IN VIDEO JUST CLICK ON LINK AND WATCH!!!!!!!!.  VIDEO OF FIRST TICKET HOLDER, Nick from AURORA (Click HERE)

This looks like More than enough to buy the Blue Jackets?

Now make sure you do your part and check your numbers and WIN dammit.  WIN!

About hockeyrocque

It will happen. Cleveland will win a Stanley Cup before any other major sport's trophy. While we admit we are not hockey bloggers that take themselves seriously, we do expect that ESPN hockey coverage needs challenged. It's time people take hockey seriously, and it ain't happening here. Great hockey, stats, scores, highlights. Um no. LOL
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4 Responses to WINDOW NATION & DH will give away chance at $600,000,000+ TODAY (400 FREE LOTTO TICKETS!!!)

  1. No fair you are discriminating against anyone who isnt in Cleveland.
    I will not take you to Civil Liberties court if you promise to share if you win.



  2. hockeyrocque says:

    LOL, I’m not going to win, someone else is! They may not even share with me? But so you say not fair, I will hold back ONE ticket and split with ANYONE who posts a reply to this blog! Now the ENTIRE EARTH has shot. I’ll even post photo of it. SO there! LOL

  3. Anthony says:

    You still in aurora?

  4. If one of these 75 MEGA MILLIONS tickets we have is the BIG WINNER we will give $1,000,000 to a random person who likes our page!!!!!! Yes…. REALLY!!

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