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Who the fuck is Raffi Torres? Poll: is NHL or US Government more out of control?

I had no clue and he played for the Blue Jackets.  (Maybe that’s why? MORE PICS @BOTTOM)  But nonetheless, who cares?  If I don’t know who he is, he’s useless to the outside sporting world.  More importantly, have you seen … Continue reading

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Daughter sings “Bad Romance” while standing on Sean Avery’s actual game issued “Winter Classic” jersey…..

So many ironies back to his days with “sloppy seconds” to his horrific romance with John Tortella.   Plus it’s just a priceless video of me busting her karaoke-ing to “Lady Gaga” Yes this was the Jersey he never wore, … Continue reading

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Guns n Roses: Axl “apologizes” to Cleveland Fans (printed as he wished, in it’s entirety)

Axl Rose Apologizes to Cleveland, Says City ‘Does in Fact Rock’ Posted on: 9:22 pm, April 17, 2012, by Jessica Dabrowski, updated on: 09:44pm, April 17, 2012 278 Pinterest 0 Share 283 Twitter 5 Email CLEVELAND — Three days after Guns N’ … Continue reading

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Roenick/Dangerous make up, Kids Worry mightily about PENS

Sometimes, both Roenick and Dangerous who can act like morons did, and it amounted to what could have been a 5 minute Twitter MAJOR (see previous blog).  But later in the day the 2 put aside their differences and moved … Continue reading

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Did Jeremy Roenick’s hatred for Dangeroushockey leads to Twitter Tirade?

It’s not the first, and likely not the last, beef DH will get into with our fans.  But the recent comment from hockey poster boy and NHL network self imposed hockey “Genius,” Jeremy Roenick may have gone a little to … Continue reading

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Dangeroushockey will also skip Rock Hall Inductions

PNEUMONIA (see left)?  Are you friggin kidding me?  I wake up hacking up globs of stuff like normal this time of year, then it doesn’t go away?  WTF?  After I start wheezing and spiking a fever, I end up in … Continue reading

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