Dangeroushockey close to landing Peyton Manning for “Turkey Bowl” team?

 The gentleman on the other end of the phone seemed thorough (or maybe thoroughly annoyed) as he took my very specific message about trying to land superstar QB, Peyton Manning for our 2012 turkey bowl team.  “Rest assured nobody’s gonna put a bounty on his head here.” said WR, Chris Trem when asked about being Peyton’s teammate?

Even though the Tremaglios are UNDEFEATED lifetime vs. the Calvetta Bros, “we’re always looking to improve our team” said DH President and GM Rocque Trem.  NOTE: Dangeroushockey’s current QB “Joe Handoff Trem” was immediately waived in anticipation of Manning.

ANOTHER NOTE:  I was wearing my authentic game issued Sean Avery Winter Classic Jersey during call so this is a hockey story SUCK Daddy.  How about some love?

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It will happen. Cleveland will win a Stanley Cup before any other major sport's trophy. While we admit we are not hockey bloggers that take themselves seriously, we do expect that ESPN hockey coverage needs challenged. It's time people take hockey seriously, and it ain't happening here. Great hockey, stats, scores, highlights. Um no. LOL
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