Dangeroushockey stable after multi-car Crash, Hockey career in Jeopardy

"from my 09 accident. Today's photos pending investigation." NOT ACTUAL PHOTO FROM TODAY

The jolt was sudden and powerful considering the low rate of speed involved in-car #2 (it was parked)  My injuries are all to real and come ironically the day before I started my comeback training for hockey.  Injured are: Wrist, neck, back.  Wrist from holding the steering wheel.

The only things that went through my mind during this disaster were:

  1. Will Wysh publish this? Will he call?
  2. Did I really hit a car parked in my driveway? One that I parked? Really?
  3. Who would manage my Fantasy team should I make the playoffs?  Will I make them?
  4. Why do I more often than not get little tiny pieces of toilet paper stuck in my butt?
  5. Did Matt Barnaby have anything to do with this?
  6. Am I still Google’s “World’s greatest hockey blogger? Blog?”

I have nothing else to say other than I’m as I’ve always maintained one of the biggest jackasses without trying like those Movie guys, on Earth.  Eh (that’s for my Canadian friends)

About hockeyrocque

It will happen. Cleveland will win a Stanley Cup before any other major sport's trophy. While we admit we are not hockey bloggers that take themselves seriously, we do expect that ESPN hockey coverage needs challenged. It's time people take hockey seriously, and it ain't happening here. Great hockey, stats, scores, highlights. Um no. LOL
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1 Response to Dangeroushockey stable after multi-car Crash, Hockey career in Jeopardy

  1. Holy shit – what did you hit>??? A tank??????? glad you weren’t hurt too badly Roc. I truly am eh!!!!

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