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Roenick/Dangerous make up, Kids Worry mightily about PENS

Sometimes, both Roenick and Dangerous who can act like morons did, and it amounted to what could have been a 5 minute Twitter MAJOR (see previous blog).  But later in the day the 2 put aside their differences and moved … Continue reading

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Did Jeremy Roenick’s hatred for Dangeroushockey leads to Twitter Tirade?

It’s not the first, and likely not the last, beef DH will get into with our fans.  But the recent comment from hockey poster boy and NHL network self imposed hockey “Genius,” Jeremy Roenick may have gone a little to … Continue reading

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Dangeroushockey will also skip Rock Hall Inductions

PNEUMONIA (see left)?  Are you friggin kidding me?  I wake up hacking up globs of stuff like normal this time of year, then it doesn’t go away?  WTF?  After I start wheezing and spiking a fever, I end up in … Continue reading

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WINDOW NATION & DH will give away chance at $600,000,000+ TODAY (400 FREE LOTTO TICKETS!!!)

Dangeroushockey to attempt to give lucky fan their very own NHL team! Continue reading

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Is Peyton Manning Satan or God? Tebow Jesus? DH interviews Church to find out!!

It’s hard to stay focused on hockey why when the second coming may be playing out in “God’s game” the NFL.  Dangeroushockey (Note the subliminal Framed, autographed Sidney Crosby Jersey in background for those of you bags who say I’m … Continue reading

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Dangeroushockey stable after multi-car Crash, Hockey career in Jeopardy

The jolt was sudden and powerful considering the low rate of speed involved in-car #2 (it was parked)  My injuries are all to real and come ironically the day before I started my comeback training for hockey.  Injured are: Wrist, … Continue reading

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Dangeroushockey close to landing Peyton Manning for “Turkey Bowl” team?

Dangeroushockey’s current QB “Joe Handoff Trem” was immediately waived in anticipation of Manning. Continue reading

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I’m such an Idiot,so win these: GnR Atlanta section 201, row C, seats 4-3 (TOMORROW!!!)

2. How? Well, here’s how: Convince me. Hot chicks have an advantage. But guys don’t despair. Be creative (i’m feeling CRAZZZZZZY so get it?) NO X RATED. R is OK. Continue reading

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Todd Bertuzzi signs 2 year, 4 mil deal with Wings.

Meanwhile Steve Moore has yet to find any NHL interest.  

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Hockeytown, liver disease, Gnr & the coolest “Principal” I’ve never met…….

Somehow my hockey blog, which is hated the world over, has now become a quazi Guns N Roses contest/review page.  Fortunately for you, I cannot review concerts they same way you are used to.  I can, in fact, review a … Continue reading

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