Am I being too Harsh on Joe “Pope-terno?” Just ask Theo Fleury or Sheldon Kennedy (warning VERY GRAPHIC)

Dear Mr. Paterno,

First off, I hope I have the correct email address for the head coach or anyone else who was involved in this alleged “CHILD RAPE CASE” at Penn State.  I’m writing you as my young son begins what is certainly to be a wonderful football career.  Until recently, I never thought that a major college program could be so well versed in ” Scumbagism” as it appears THE Penn State University currently is.  Ya the bribes and banging hookers etc that the others do, we all know that’s there.  But unfortunately for the world, child-sex predators exist everywhere.  Even, and often, right under our noses.  Judging by the size of your schnozola, you not only smelled it, you were privy to the evidence, or at least the STRONG accusations.  Assuming all of this is true, and I’m guessing it is, the question is, what do we do with the legend of Jo Pa?  Well, let me tell you right now, first of all, there is no legend.  You’re just a football coach.  Unfortunately for the world or maybe fortunately, it gives a man like you a position of power?  A position to do something and make a difference.

If that difference means sacrificing the life of even 1 child.  And when I say sacrifice, I don’t mean kill (because that would be easier). I mean completely ruin the life of a young, innocent child who now has to live with this forever.  You’ve made no difference.  Everything you’ve ever done, all the kids you “coached” to become better men, better athletes, better students, is all for not.  You’re a phony.  A complete waste of life.  Honestly, the question is what to do with you?  Oh by the way, as any parent, I protect my son, my family, as do all parents, from these molesters it appears you allowed to prowl around your boys under the guise of “well it’s just a couple of ass fuckings” and the guy is gone now so let’s get ready for the BIG OHIO STATE GAME!  We try.  We know the places to be leery of, Churches, Boy Scouts, Wrestling etc.  But a MAJOR, MANLY, college football program? A program led by a “legendary” Coach who’s been there forever doing nothing but Godlike work as it pertains to the world of athletics?

Speaking of God and what do we do with you?  Again, assuming all the above is true, and it certainly looks like it is (see grand jury report).  You are at worst an enabler of a child rapist.  At best, actually have no clue.  EVERYONE who knew about this is guilty of something, no?  So what’s the punishment?  If there is a God, which I don’t believe there is, hell is certainly fitting for someone who believes and thinks they should be “forgiven.”  But I’m not counting on that.  You’re too old to go to jail.  Torture?  Not sure about that one.  So how do you punish an old, decrepit, man who allowed his coaching staff to get away with raping little child???  What do we do? I say nothing.  Just let your stupid fucking self rot and die.  Your alleged “Legend” will be “I’m the greatest coach of all time, who knowingly allowed my staff to rape little boys in the Nittany Lions showers!!”  Pretty cool.  At least it wasn’t Western Michigan that the poor kid got sodomized in?  All I can say is I’m glad this didn’t happen in your new hockey program!


Rocque Trem

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