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Super Mario hosts Ben “Rapist-Berger” in Owners Box

I’m a Pens fan (among other teams).  Not die-hard but because of their proximity (closest NHL team to me) and  their exciting team, I do follow them and enjoy watching their game.  Mainly for the players.  The best and some … Continue reading

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Concussions: If you haven’t read about them, read. If you have, read again.

Since many end up on my blog by searching “Is hockey dangerous?” We thought appropriate to share.  Unfortunately, they aren’t going away anytime soon.  Parents, players, coaches, bloggers, traditional media, my gift to you, is a quick, yet vital refresher … Continue reading

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Rare Photo Of Dangeroushockey surfaces on Web

DH captured “sans jersey” in this undated recent photo Rare photo of surfaces wearing a shirt, not a jersey!  Below are various photos of the mysterious blogger, who appears a bit “hefty” in this photo.  DH prides himself on … Continue reading

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Dangeroushockey hold’s “Open House” for Xmas-YOU ARE INVITED!!!!!

I’m not religious, but my family celebrates.  Santa and all that stuff.  Anyway, my wife and I decided to hold an Open House tomorrow.  If you want to stop by and meet the family, dogs and fish, holler at me … Continue reading

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Lenny is Dead. He never played hockey, but he bet on it, I think?

“if he didn’t impregnate my mother…….” Continue reading

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John Scott Clearly Deserves Suspension for Engelland Fight

Dangeroushockey has obtained unreleased footage (thanks to Irish dude)  of the John Scott pummeling Pittsburgh’s Deryk Engelland  Although, in my opinion, Deryk is among, if not the best fighter in the NHL.  He didn’t stand a chance against the guy … Continue reading

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NHL stud following @dangeroushockey on Twitter, question is WHY?

It was only a matter of time, before the “scourge of the hockey blogger world” became not only a fan favorite, but also a player favorite.  “Let’s face it, other than that Yahoo guy, we’re the only one with the … Continue reading

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Mike Milbury “child attack” brings back ugly/fond memories for Dangeroushockey

Yes, it’s very true.  I had a parent attack me when I was 15.  I vaguely remember, but what I’m telling you is true.  It was some meaningless, city league game in Mentor, Ohio.  Some background, I’ve never been in … Continue reading

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Dangeroushockey on the case: “Stolen Chicago Water” to Create Hockey Rink

This story is weird to begin with.  It started with 4 dudes getting busted for supposedly stealing water from a city fire hydrant to fill their homemade ice rink.  The beautiful Ashley Reuff, of the Chicago Tribune tells the story … Continue reading

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Dangeroushockey’s thorough “review” of Guns n Roses, Youngstown, OH Show

The show was awesome.  And I got a guitar pick.

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