Super Mario hosts Ben “Rapist-Berger” in Owners Box

Seriously, you had your cock out in the bar?

I’m a Pens fan (among other teams).  Not die-hard but because of their proximity (closest NHL team to me) and  their exciting team, I do follow them and enjoy watching their game.  Mainly for the players.  The best and some of the best in world, all play for Penguins.  And I don’t mean just Malkin and Crosby.  Also love the Dan Bylsma story.

I always liked “Super Mario” growing up, but kinda lost track of him as he suffered injuries and I was off to college and hockey disappeared from my world at least.  The Athens Post didn’t cover the NHL.  We had no, or internet for that matter.  And truth be told, I was either fucking, fighting, drinking, working, drugging or sleeping.  In between I went to a few classes.

I have stuck up relentlessly for hockey as a whole and how they are a different breed than other sports in general.  Players give a shit, for most part.  Lots of class and genuine care and sportsmanship for each other, the league, the fans, the community that got them there.  But to see Ben Rothlisberger in Mario’s loge last night, churned my stomach.

Of course, everyone can hide behind the innocent until proven guilty.  I’m going with the rich, powerful, NFL-superbowl winning quarterback, got away with it.  Being the victim of an unsolved vicious crime myself (although not rape) I was nearly murdered.  When the law can’t, won’t, or doesn’t help you, it’s even more traumatic.  In my case, someone gave me the wise advice to “let it go” the guy’s a  piece of shit and he’ll have to keep living his miserable life as one.  Enjoy mine and move on.

It was and is great advice.  Because it’s true.  And society will never accept this guy as some sort of super hero etc.  But Big Ben’s story is different.  Although the NFL slapped his hands with a 4 game suspension, he’s right back where he always was.  Mario having him in his loge, is simply saying, “I don’t give a shit what this kid did, as long as he didn’t hurt me.”  

Well imagine being the family, the girl/girls, that have been a victim of his alleged crimes (see Smoking Gun report).  Just because he didn’t get found guilty in a court of law doesn’t mean he’s not guilty.  Even he admitted he needed to “change.”  If I’m innocent, I’m telling everyone and their brother to piss off.  Now Ben knows he’s a piece of shit.  But them more society, and especially the “elite, upper crust” accepts him back in their circles, he’s going to believe his own insanity.  Fuck you Super Mario.  Shame on you.

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2 Responses to Super Mario hosts Ben “Rapist-Berger” in Owners Box

  1. sydney t says:

    This has to be the world’s greatest hockey blog?

  2. hockeyrocque says:

    The world’s greatest hockey blog

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