Mike Milbury “child attack” brings back ugly/fond memories for Dangeroushockey

Not exactly Tiger Williams

Yes, it’s very true.  I had a parent attack me when I was 15.  I vaguely remember, but what I’m telling you is true.  It was some meaningless, city league game in Mentor, Ohio.  Some background, I’ve never been in a hockey fight in nearly 25 year of playing.  I played tough and frustrated other players, but my career penalty minute total was likely 80 minutes? I also played clean.

To the incident. As the period ended, we exited.  The locker rooms were right in between the stands.  As we walked off the some dude (had to be a kids father) was screaming at me.  It all happened so quick.  I looked over and just laughed at him (i may have said something, who knows) then he jumps off the steps and right on to me!!  He punched me at least 2 times in the face. For those of you who don’t know, we had to wear metal cages at that age,

"I have nothing to do with this story."

so it really didn’t hurt at all.  I’m guessing it hurt him more than me.  

It broke it up, and into the locker room I went. It made for some fun in between period locker room talk.  I had so much adrenaline pumping that I wasn’t scared at all really.  But there’s a big difference between 12 and 15.  Hockey, by its nature is a very aggressive and emotionally charged sport.  I’m sure I was knocking his kid around on the ice and he didn’t like it.  The problem here (not that there’s ever an excuse) but it’s legal and OK for me to knock the living shit out of his kid.  As long as I’m doing it the hockey way.  Which, for the most, part was how I always played the game.  The game that I love.  The game that you love, or should.

Until now, I pretty much forgotten about this brawl.  But as these little memories of the past pop back into the forefront, it’s almost like you re-live it for a moment.  Almost.  Bleed hockey, you peanuts.  Luv ya and happy holidays.

PS:  If the guy who did this is reading, wanna another shot at the title:)

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