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Dangeroushockey and Emory Girls’ Soccer Break Up

A relationship that was doomed before it even blossomed, the Emory Girls’ soccer team dumps like an old tire.  “Hey, look, we weren’t expecting anything from these young ladies.  They seemed nice, but we always suspected they were making … Continue reading

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Dangeroushockey mobbed by Emory University Ladies Soccer team?

Tho location was odd, the reason odder, the requester, oddly adorable.  So I’m sitting with a couple of business geeks from ESPN, having a BIG ad meeting, suddenly I’m approached by a young member of the Emory University ladies soccer … Continue reading

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F bomb heard by my little boy during Caps-Hurricaines

Max, 7, yelled “Dad, Dad the F word, the F word on the TV.  I swear.” ironically.  He rewinded and insisted I posted it on DH.  So here it is you slugs. Max does the  countdown to yet another F … Continue reading

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