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Dangeroushockey visits Queen city

I have bloggers block.  I thought a trip to the Cincinnati may help unclog me.  The Skyline Chili did, but not the right body part.  So I posed in front of some odd religious statue of critters doing odd things. … Continue reading

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Un-Retired Dangeroushockey prepares to go head to head with World’s great bloggers

Knowing that I cannot afford to be the Brett Favre of the hockey blog world, I’ve prepared like never before to be “More Dangerous Than Ever!”    I’m dreaming of a world with no “Homophobic slurs towards Sean Avery.”

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Bruce Boudreau gives Pre Season “Pep Talk” Video

OK, if you’ve seen it before, it’s a re hash but it rules: WARNING explicit…..LOL

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Lack of demand forces Dangerous to “Un-Retire”

Hopefully nobody cares and nobody reads any of this.  But due to my type A+ personality I have decided to give the world what nobody wants, one more shot at absurd hockey articles. If your only comments are “Brett Favre” … Continue reading

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