Cancer (free?) Mom to sit in Front Row @ Coyotes Game

Thanks to me and some help from my friends at Muraco)

Thanks Roc, you’re a good man. Go ‘Oytes.

and mostly thanks to John A. who decided to enter the story of his mother who just had MAJOR cancer surgery.  She’s doing better and will be attending the game today!  Oh and did I mention she’s sitting in the FRONT row?

Zero thanks go to Puck Daddy who’s seem to fallen out of favor with Dangerous.  Or actually Vice Versa?   We found a suitable winner without you.  Plus now you can go pretend you’re excited about a team (Devils) you all but counted out a week and a half ago.

Have Fun John and MOM!  Does Mom have a name?  Happy Mother’s Day to all!!! Especially you Gloria, who without, I’d never be able to annoy so many others.  Love

“Must be in the Front Row”  Bob Uchre

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