Marlie’s Neuber Snubs Dangeroushockey, Helmets Monster

"Dunno who Neuber thinks he is, I've taken shits at Brooks Laich's house."

It’s one thing to beat the living crap out of your opponent with his own helmet.  While it may be illegal, I do think it’s funny.  But there’s never an excuse for young Kyle Neuber as he snubs Dangeroushockey during his recent stint in Cleveland.  “I dunno.” said a dejected DH, these young kids.  “He seemed like a good kid on Twitter.”

Neuber got in a fight where he was wrongly accused by many in the Cleveland organization of attacking Monster’s forward Scott Langdon with his own helmet.  “I thought it was a good scrap (thanks click to see helmet beating), right in front of my seats.” said Dangerous although he was unable to attend due to a busy work schedule.

He added, “I was sitting right on the glass, of focus groups. Hell I’ve been waiting for this game forever.  Was hoping Bordy and Neubs rematch.  Regarding the alleged snub?  This kid knows who I am.  He knows what happened to that punk Barnaby after he snubbed me.  His only way to the NHL is with my help. He’s young.  He will learn.”  In meantime, Dangeroushockey responded with the snub by donating $10,000 to the Sick Kids hospital in Toronto “IF AND ONLY IF, Neuber can score 10 goals the rest of this season!”

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