Matthew Barnaby stars in, “The Intern” ESPN’s Loss, Dangeroushockey’s Gain?

Dangeroushockey is in talks with dadada productions about a reality show starring the unemployed, erratic, and often dangerous Matthew Barnaby.

"Gimme the Keys you fuckin Cocksucker."

The mediocre, ex NHLer, most recently was busted for driving his Porsche drunk, on 3 wheels.  “I would have preferred he had his kids in the car and was on cell phone yelling racial slurs at his wife’s boyfriend, but this is just the kind of kid we’re looking for.” said Rocque Trem.

Trem heads up the development arm of dadada films, inc.  Best known for the uncompleted films “Did Grandpa Like Root Beer?” and “Poovie.”  The show would revolve around Barnaby being an intern for the hockey blog juggernaut,  “Sure, he’s perfect for this role.  We always wondered what the fuck ESPN was thinking having him on. He could barely play hockey, so he’s qualified as an expert analyst (think Trent Dilfer)?”  spouted Trem.

“We’d much rather have Matt in a place he belongs and can flourish. is just that place.”  Trem is some sort of blood relative of Rocco Tremaglio, owner of the controversial hockey blog.  Both have had their differences with Barnaby in the past.  “That’s ancient history.  The guy’s a mess. I knew it.  I can help him.  ESPN fired us too.  He’d make a perfect intern.” said Tremaglio

No word from the Barnaby camp but word is, they are awaiting to see if it’s a paid or

"Barnaby, Barnaby, Barnaby!!!"

unpaid internship and whether Matt can get retroactive credits for uncompleted college courses.

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