UPDATED: WIN-Guns n Roses 2nd ROW on Floor, Youngstown December 7, 2011 (UPDATED) WINNER ANNOUNCED(See bottom of blog)

"Win Night out at GnR with Dangeroushockey"

WHAT:  Dangeroushockey, the world’s most hated hockey blogger, has 2 tickets to see the world’s greatest band, Guns n Roses.

WHEN: December 7th, in Youngstown at Covelli and I have-NOBODY TO GO WITH!

WIN: Sit in the 2nd row, with the “not famous at all” Dangeroushockey. YOU GET 1 Ticket TOTAL!!!

HOW:  Either post comment on this blog OR email me at mraxlrose@yahoo.com, or Twitter @dangeroushockey

WHO:  Anyone 21 or over.  NO Murderers, Rapists are eligible (unless, well nevermind)

HOW DO I WIN:  Convince me why it should be you!!!  However you want.  Words, pics, video etc. GET CREATIVE!!! RATED R IS OK, but NO NUDITY, NOBODY UNDER 21 accepted!!!!!! Who knows, maybe I can get the band to help judge, but I’m final say of winner.  Just be CREATIVE and show GnR attitude/spirt.

WHAT DO I GET:  1-yes ONE, ticket FREE to the show.  Sit in the second row next to dangeroushockey.  NOTE:  You are responsible for EVERYTHING else.  Transportation, parking, food, and whatever else you little rascals get yourselves into.  I’m simply giving you a ticket.  In fact, I may not even TALK to you at the show (i may) 🙂

SO GET F’n Creative and Convince me.

HOW DO I KNOW DANGEROUSHOCKEY IS SAFE?  LOL, read my blog, figure it out for yourself.  Good luck.  

"Think Axl will buy an NHL team?"

How does GnR relate to Hockey:  I’ve seen Axl wear MANY hockey jerseys on stage, Bumblefoot is a huge (i think) Islanders fan, and I’m certain the other guys are fans of hockey because it’s the greatest sport on earth and they are the greatest band.  So there ya have it.

CONGRATS TO MIKE FROM Y-TOWN!!!!!! (thanks Bumblefoot and Fox 8)

See his actual entry below.  Thanks to EVERYONE who entered!!! Tough to choose but Mike gets it for the following reasons: 1. Recognizing he has NO chance against a hot chick (he was wrong, you’re all hot).  2. Submitting a home-video of one of the Slap Shot epically famous Hanson Brothers along with THE GnR playing in background.  While the video may bore the average viewer, any hockey fan will immediately fall in love with it.  You can smell the ice. You can fell the energy of the 80 or so Younstownonians who showed for this “Charity Event.”  Mike also, except for Metallica, fired off some classic Metal bands he’s a fan of.  Finally and, damn if Puck Daddy didn’t hate me, Mike (CLEVELAND BOY and STANLY CUP WINNER) Rupp walking off the ice in his Devils’ jersey.  VIDEO: 


Saw your post about the offer of the free ticket on the GNR forum. Thought I’d make a futile stab in the dark at securing a ticket since I really have nothing to do that night and live in town. Now, of course, you would probably be absolutely insane not to take a hot (or somewhat reasonably attractive) young lady to this show. I think GNR and most of the male population of Earth would agree in that sense.In the event that some beautiful young thing flakes out on you, I’d gladly take the ticket and stand next to you. I’m a 34-year-old admirer of rock music. I’ve seen just about every band of any great significance in the past 17 or so years of going to shows. Metallica, AC/DC, KISS, Judas Priest, Dio, Maiden and hundreds of obscure punk groups the guys in GNR probably worshiped as kids. I never really planned on seeing GNR to be honest, but what the hell? I can drive two minutes and check them off the list.As far as hockey, I have a casual interest in the sport. As in sometimes going to minor league games in town and drinking a beer (or two) while watching either of the local clubs (Steelhounds or Phantoms). You say you except video? Well, I once video recorded Dave Hanson (of Slap Shot! fame) when he played a charity event in that joint. In the background you can hear “Welcome to the Jungle”. Does that count?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOQ1dxsxoRUTake it easy,


About hockeyrocque

It will happen. Cleveland will win a Stanley Cup before any other major sport's trophy. While we admit we are not hockey bloggers that take themselves seriously, we do expect that ESPN hockey coverage needs challenged. It's time people take hockey seriously, and it ain't happening here. Great hockey, stats, scores, highlights. Um no. LOL
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33 Responses to UPDATED: WIN-Guns n Roses 2nd ROW on Floor, Youngstown December 7, 2011 (UPDATED) WINNER ANNOUNCED(See bottom of blog)

  1. Jeana wycuff says:

    My family is from youngstown. Im in cinci right now! Watching deneration waiting for yall right now! I also came clear to sk, ca to c yall!

  2. Diane Wright says:

    I would LOVE to come! Pick ME!! I love GnR and I would keep everyone smiling!!
    GnR is the world’s greatest band, as you say! They are my #1 band! I LOVEEEEE their music and all the guys are incredibly nice and fabulous!
    But only pick me if you dont mind hearing me screaming of happiness and joy and giggling alot!! Ha!! Pick me!! I would love to accompany you!! -Diane ( I also tweeted you and emailed to email address above..lol)!

  3. Tiffany Scott says:

    because I LOVE hockey and LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEE…GNR….owe them the respect they have earned thru this tour Axl….has done a Amazing come back and good thing by giving back to the fans that supported him back in the day…when the fans didnt seem so important to him!! I beleive everyone deserves another chance as long as they are willing to make changes and do the right thing!! If no one had ever given me another chance no telling where I would be today! Axl has proven himself as a changed person!! Love the new members they seem to have a good thing going together!! I wish them all the luck!! If you truely love you will always love!!! AND I ALWAYS HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL LOVE GNR!!!!

  4. Nice to see this! Chceck out my gnr blog!

  5. Jeana wycuff says:

    What a f#$!ing awesome show! I loved it! You guys are so personable…….all of you! Thank u tommy! Dj! Ron! Axl! Frank! Dizzy! Pitman! Fortus! Second time seeing you, could do it again 🙂

  6. Tom says:

    Nobody luvs Axle’s screechy voice and hair plugs more than me. His ability to read the karaoke lyric machine is phenomenal. GNR few good oldies more than make up for the disaster Chinese democracy. Please take me cuz I speak the truth.

  7. hockeyrocque says:

    Another great entry from some dude in Youngstown, at least he’s getting creative: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOQ1dxsxoRU

  8. Janet Earley says:

    I would love to go! i have never been to a concert before =(

  9. clair says:

    my boyfriend loves them and i would do anything for him to get that ticket

  10. I would love love love to go!!!!! I have one biological son who is 25 and he has 3 wonderful children!!!! I’m 42 yrs old and thought I was done with babies!!! Well, Back in August of last year my neighbor had her fourth child. The first 3 she did not have custidy of. After a month or so, she decided she liked crack better then raising her son!!! So in May of this year it became official, I adopted him at the age of 8 months but had cusdity from 1 month old!!! He is now 16 months and I have not had a full nights sleep or have gone anywhere without him!!!! I would LOVE a night out to GNR!!! I love them!!! P.S. You don’t have to talk to me if you do not want to either!!!! LOL Please pick me!!!!!

    • Amy says:

      it’s custody, not custidy….most people can spell custody if they have ever had to go to court for it, and if not, they usually trust those red zig zag lines, that tell you it’s a misspelled word…..
      pick me, cause I can spell.

  11. Yeah,yeah,yeah,,,,all these peeps are gonna say this and that to get that ticket,but you should pick me because I am a major GNR fan for one,which all will say but hey I am,and two I am hardcore and can handle the 2nd row and plus Im cute….lol–Pick me,I’ll definately be a unique choice as I am not shy and will blow the show away….not that way..but with my kickass big mouth which will scream the loudest for the greatest Rock band to date,and I’m also a friend of DJ Ashba’s,on FB..lol-I know who cares,,,,,,PICK ME-YES—-PICK ME

  12. I’d LOVE to go, especially since they added Civil War last night for the first time in 18 years!!

  13. Keith Geiger says:

    G&R owes me! Last time they came to Cleveland they made me sit at Quicken Loans arena until almost 1am! That would not have been so bad, but they made me listen to EAGLES OF DEATH METAL! THAT BAND SUCKED! Axle fired them right there when they finally came out! I did not get to see the whole show we had to leave at 2:30am to get our kids! SO IT WOULD BE AWESOME TO SEE THESE GUYS ROCK IT FROM THE SECOND ROW!

  14. Carol Pennington says:

    I love concerts and I love hockey. I am also polite and considerate (ha!) and I don’t take up more than one seat. I would, as you wish, totally ignore you or guard your seat from interlopers.

  15. Sharon Elder says:

    Date night opportunity with the husband…who needs corny Christmas shows when you can go to GNR! Please consider me!

  16. carolyn says:

    my mom loves them and she’s never been to see them please help me make this a great girt for her .she is crazy about them she use to listen to them with her sister who was killed on september 4th, 2011 and she keeps playing knocking on heavens doors.so please pick my mom .thanks so much !

  17. casey jean says:

    i sent you an email!! & to quote 1980s groupies, “pick me! pick me!”………p.s. i’m not that much of a rapist.

  18. Nikol Bird says:

    Because I have loved Guns n Roses since before anyone even knew who they were. I named my daughter after Axel well I had to name her Amber Rose but had she been a boy she would have hated me lol.and because I was at the concert in Philly that never happened years ago due to Axel being late haha

  19. Kathy Smith says:

    Right here.. Cuz I also have a ticket for a shitty ass seat and I have nobody to go with.. And second row would be better than barley seeing the show but no matter what I’m rocking the fuck out!! Wanna know why??? Cuz I get up around seven, get outta bed around nine! And I don’t worry bout nothin! No! Cause worryins a waste of my time!! We could be at that show dancin and rockin with mr.brownstone! And fucking axle rose! Crazy cool ass mother fuckerrrr! And this sweet child would look good as fuck in a hockey jersey and a fucking guns n roses t. And we could all have some patience, and we won’t cry, cuz we will be in paradise city! Rocking together.. Itd be like knocking on heavens door!! Then we will wake up the next morning wishing we cld replay, and waking up thinking where do we go. Where do we go. Where do we go. Hahah. And don’t forget the grass is green!! No failure to commuinicate! No civil war.. Just fun n games! Like in a jungle.. You could be mine! My guns n roses rocking motherfucker!

  20. Kathy Smith says:

    Ill play u in hockey! If u win. Then u take me! Deal!?

  21. Wendy moore says:

    I have been to see Youngstown phantoms hockey and loved it. Now I need to see G&R. I remember rocking out to them in highschool after smoking a fatty. Pick me but if not kiss my ass. Sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me!

  22. Joe Bostic says:

    I don’t like hockey, but I like concerts.

  23. Ken says:

    Im not going to make some long thought-out argument about why you should choose me… because honestly you should pick a cute Asian girl instead…but hell Ive got nothing better to do Wednesday night and I havent seen GNR before so… meh… why the hell not

  24. Kathy says:

    Ill play u in hockey! If u win. Then u take me! Deal!?

  25. Dan Broderick says:

    Nothing gets the blood flowing like GUNS N FUCKING ROSES and hockey. They are like beer and cereal, they were made to go together. I listen to “you’re crazy” right before every game ever since my freshman year to get pumped up. I never had the honor of seeing Axl in concert which is my biggest regret. I had a ticket to the ct show a few weeks ago but ended up not being able to go because of a structure fire that my dept had to respond to. I knew from the first time I heard “welcome to the jungle” that GNR was and will always be my favorite band of all time. I would gladly let every member of the band give me their best open ice hit for a ticket and if they survive, watch the best show of my life!!!!! GNR RULES!

  26. jeff weaver says:

    If you can handle sitting next to her, my wife, Marlena, deserves to sit with you. SHE ROCKS! She has never seen GNR live, I have, so I want her to see them the way they are meant to be seen! FROM RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE STAGE! I will sit back in the cheap seats! So, will you WELCOME HER TO THE JUNGLE? When you see her ROCKING OUT, “your gonna die”! Very cool offer! See you there!

  27. Chris says:

    I should get the tix cuz I love GnR and think hockey sux!

  28. Dude says:

    Who won?

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