Last Place Pens Mull Return to Mellon Arena

The heavyweight title fight it was supposed to be, never was as the Penguins opened Counsel Arena (for those of you not cryptic, I’m mocking the unmemorable and confusing name)  as a nearly 2-1 favorite against defending Eastern Conference champs, the Flyers. Side note, what a stupid line.  It was basically saying that hey this new building is going to make the Penguins 2 times as good as the defending champs.  Um, it don’t work that way. And a few of my Vegas friends are glad I knew that!

Back the Console Centre.  All the hype, money, plans, drawings, 9,000 person waiting list to buy season tickets, etc.  They forgot one thing, to bring that winning swagger.  The Penguins left it at the Igloo.

Pens pacing 0-42 at home.

Think about it.  There is no other dramatic difference to this team than the place they play.  Now I don’t believe in ghosts but look at the facts.  Lose game one to Philly.  OK that should have, could have and did happen.  Game to, the REVENGE game against the Canadiens.  No Halak?  No way Pens lose.  But wait.  They blow a 1 goal lead with less than 3 minutes left and lose in REGULATION.  I hear the boos but they ain’t only from the fans.

Now the 0-2 pens go on the road and hand it to the Devils (ironic).  Is Satan (not Satan the player) but the evil mortal enemy of God, putting his hands on the mighty Penguins?  Was the new Concorde center build on some sort of ancient burial ground?  Why is this happening?  We hit the streets to find out.

"I see dead people...."

“Um, I don’t know.  Anything is possible.  But I know I didn’t pay $18,000 for season tickets just so I don’t have to crap in front of a bunch of drunks anymore.”

odd but at least Pens won at Igloo

said an obviously pissed off fan who early Wednesday.  

It gets worse.  Last night the Pens lose to Toronto!  Other than Colton Orr getting KO’d it was another pathetic performance by the Pens.  I didn’t know Toronto still had a team?  Anyway teams are now circling it on their calender and plan to exploit the hell out of the situation.
Said Rangers Sean Avery, “I told coach to send all our scrubs to play so we can have an off day and hit the casino.”  Logical?  Maybe not, but one thing is for certain, the numbers do not lie.  Imagine how pissed you’d be if you were the guy forking out a cool Million to sit in a loge 66 next to the Pens locker rooms.  Nothing worse than smelling the hockey equipment and feces of a bunch of losing hockey players.
I hope and pray for Pittsburgh’s sake that I’m wrong.

"I see dead people......"

But Dangeroushockey rarely is, and I’m smellin a Mellon.  What kind of Penguin moves out of their Igloo to an Energy Center anyways?


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