I own my own advertising and marketing firm.  I’ve been in the media business forever.  But mainly, at times, even though we are great at what we do, I consider myself a ticket broker who also happens to do advertising.

If you need tickets, call Rocque......1-800-Jackass

Don’t get me wrong.  I love ticket brokers.  In fact I plan to do a feature film about the business, it’s amazing.  Some of my dearest friends are brokers.

(NOTE:  Not my actual hand, although I wish it was……..)

But what the hell does this have to do with hockey?  I’ll be brief.  Over the years, I bet I’ve gotten, arranged for or purchased well into the 100’s of thousands of dollars worth of tickets for either my customers or my company’s customers.  Need a ticket, call Rocque.  Super Bowl, The Masters, Stanley Cup, NBA Finals, Lake County Captians, Bon Jovi, Gospel crap, Satan music (RIP Ronnie James Dio), and countless others.  Now, the ONE time, that I want to go to an event, Imagine the irony, I can’t even BUY my way in?  There are NO tickets available supposedly to the NHL awards ceremony.  Pretty ironic for a sport that nobody is supposed to care about.  And to boot, I work for ESPNCleveland and you’d think they would help?

Nope.  Nobody cares, in the end about anyone other than themselves.  Except of course, everyone that does.  They are exempt from this broad based comment that my therapist would slap me down for using.   HELP ME.  HELP ME get into the awards.  Dangeroushockey.com deserves to be there.  Don’t you think?

About hockeyrocque

It will happen. Cleveland will win a Stanley Cup before any other major sport's trophy. While we admit we are not hockey bloggers that take themselves seriously, we do expect that ESPN hockey coverage needs challenged. It's time people take hockey seriously, and it ain't happening here. Great hockey, stats, scores, highlights. Um no. LOL
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