Where the fuck is My “Sean Avery” Jersey?

"Axl knows Fashion, and so does Avery"

I’ve been struggling for days on how to write this blog.  Dangeroushockey (yes me) landed at LGA early Sunday morning.  After nearly being killed by truck on way to airport, I suspected things could only get better.  But how much “Better,” only time would tell.  I’d like to say the highlight of my day was the Rangers/Caps game at world-class MSG, but it wasn’t.  While it was great, my day was only just beginning.

Ironically, after chasing GnR all over the USA the past 11 years or so, they decided to make it easy on me by scheduling a show at Terminal 5 the night I happened to be in town for business meeting.  Quick cut: jump to the show.  Clad in my game worn “Sean Avery” jersey, I managed to plant my fat ass right in the front row.  Safe from the crowd, I quickly made friends with several people surrounding me, including a dude in a wheel chair (forgive me as I forgot your name) , who actually got in a shoving match with another guy but ended fortunately without incident.

Do yourself a favor, listen to his original music.

OK, so here I am, right in front of Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, who I consider a friend, even though we’ve never actually met.  Ron tries several times to kindly toss me some black guitar picks.  Talk about a bitch of a thing to catch.  Now I have good hands, actually great hand, but these little fucking things flutter, are black in a dark show and there’s big lights beaming in my eyes.  However, I did manage to catch 3.  How I don’t know?? I think one landed in my pocket?

This is for those of you who dismiss the band surrounding Axl Rose, you’re just ignorant.  Foolish.  I mean, why all the hate? This new band is better than great.  There is really nothing bad to say about them that makes any literal sense.  “Well it’s not Slash” doesn’t make literal sense as to the depth of talent, heart and soul that this new and frankly improved band brings for 3 amazing hours.

But I suppose it’s like arguing if Jesus was God’s son, a waste of time and energy.  So onward I go.  Bumble, thank you for all you’ve done for me and our little film (See trailer)  I hope it gets to see the light of day.

THE AXL ROSE MOMENT:  The band begins playing “Nighttrain” one of their all time greats.  So I decide to video with my iPhone (see Steve Jobs) the song.  Low and behold, something magical happens.  Yes, I’ll admit I acted for a second, like a 15-year-old school girl at Justin Bieber concert, but for some odd, yet to be determined reason, Axl Rose pointed directly into MY CAMERA and smiled at me!!!  Why, I wondered instantly?  Immediately I assumed it was because of my Rangers jersey.  Although thoughts I considered were (maybe he saw my movie trailer? A Dangeroushockey.com fan?,or recognized me from other shows, or maybe there was some HOT Blonde, behind me (i checked, there wasn’t)

Why was this moment so awesome.  Because it emphasized what I, along with many, have been saying for a long, long time.  Axl Rose is a great dude.  He’s obviously, finally, happy with where Guns n Roses is as a band and it shows by the guys he’s surrounded by and how much fun they have while performing.  Not to mention the great show.

THE AVERY JERSEY:  Figuring it was the jersey he liked and not my new hairdo, I

"Now Axl's Sean Avery Jersey, sitting by drums and strange stuffed alien dude."

took it off and as he came by during “Patience” I tossed it to him.  He smiled, nodded a sort of thank you and then he threw it up by the drums.  Where it remained until after the concert.  The million $$ question is, where is it now?  Rumors are that the band may be signing the jersey and auctioning it off for charity.  Other theories are that Axl sent it off to be de contaminated and plans to wear in for the Rock Hall Induction?  Regardless of where the classic jersey ends up, it was a classic night for Dangeroushockey and for everyone else in the crowd who got to see Guns N Roses “up close and personal.”

The Beginning, I hope:

"Thank you and Good Night, really morning (3am)"

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