The “Green Goon” Virus has Spread to Ohio High Schools

I love High School hockey.  I never played because my school didn’t have a team and I was on a travel hockey team.  In OHIO, you cannot play travel and High School.  At least way back when.  Anyway, I decided to take my kids to see the Aurora Greenmen vs the Mayfield something or another.  This article was originally supposed to be about the Mayfield goalie but that was until I ran into these guys:

"Put us on Yahoo. Who is Puck Daddy?"

Pretty sure the inspiration is Vancouver’s own “Green Guys.”  Who are pretty cool dudes, You can find their blog somewhere (I’ll get you link later) but I like them even though they are Canucks fans.  I think these costumes are popping up all over in other sports but I’m gonna run with these Canuck geeks because, well I really don’t feel like investigating it.  Keep the spirit up, bleed hockey and donate money to poor.


Rocco the Narrator…….

PS:  I’ll mention the Mayfield goalie who according to his dad is good.  But his dad couldn’t email me his stats so this is all he gets.  Who doesn’t email???

Good Mayfield Goalie....look up his stats at Lake County News Herald

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2 Responses to The “Green Goon” Virus has Spread to Ohio High Schools

  1. Joe Drexler says:

    Great team spirit!
    Keep up the great work Rocco!
    Your passion for Hockey would make one believe that you have little Canadian in you! LOL.

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