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Dangeroushockey launches Hockey News Network

OK, so it need a little work but check out these two as they report on the Pens red hot winning streak and hockey “sportsmanship” When asked why he was launching a news network, Dangeroushockey responded with a smile “one … Continue reading

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Baby girl,4, asks: “Will Daddy take his rink I made to Heaven?”

Now, I’m not religious at all.  But my wife is, and my kids (who are around her all the time) have bought in.  I don’t want to get into religious discussion, but a small part is necessary for this gripping … Continue reading

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ESPN Investigates Matt Barnaby’s Twitter Ban on Dangeroushockey

While we at Dangeroushockey hate to stoop to this level, we feel we owe it to the blogging world and to the viewers of ESPN, to stand up and shout especially since the banning was clearly in question (read my … Continue reading

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Dangeroushockey Christmas? Watch entire video you impatient SOB’s it’s worth it.

I fully expect a cease and desist from the Jackets soon but before they judge me remember: 1.  I called this victory!  2.  They are my favorite team.  3.  I’m a huge sponsor of their team!. Watch the whole video! … Continue reading

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Holiday Party ruins Dangeroushockey’s family trip. Kids could care less, they’re going.

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