Baby girl,4, asks: “Will Daddy take his rink I made to Heaven?”

Now, I’m not religious at all.  But my wife is, and my kids (who are around her all the time) have bought in.  I don’t want to get into religious discussion, but a small part is necessary for this gripping story.

The story is simple.  My beautiful 4-year-old girl who you can see in some earlier posts, is INSANE about hockey.  Literally.  Over the course of the past week she constructed an elaborate ice rink (see photo) especially for me.

"um Mom, I hope Daddy brings the rink I made him to heaven."

I wasn’t allowed to touch, (only look) until she finished it.  Finally she gave to me and made me promise to keep it around me all the time.  “But keep it away from those dogs dad.  Those crazy dogs.”  she says.

So this I did.  On my dresser it became a fixture.  Then it happened.  One day after pre school while I was pretending to work, she asked my wife.  “Mom, can people bring things to Heaven?”  My wife asks “why?”  That’s when Cassidy laid the cutest take on religion by telling her “um I just hope Daddy takes my ice rink I made him up to Heaven.”

Well Goddamn if that wasn’t the cutest thing I’ve heard in a long time and having 4 kids in 5 years, I’ve heard plenty.  Certainly, an ICE rink works much better in a “Heaven” vs “HELL?”

Once again, hockey proves to be more than just a game.  It’s a way (according to many people, for Jesus to find his way into my heart).  Unfortunately for them, I suppose, it wasn’t enough.  I still don’t believe in any of that crap otherwise I’d be typing this with a couple of super models spell checking this for me.  But I’m not.  Love you baby girl:

"Wanna play some hock Dad?"


Your humble servant.

PS:  Anyone else enjoy seeing Colton Orr losing every fight he gets in?

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