Military Dad and 4 year old son honored during Blue Jackets game.

So I happen to be passing through Columbus on my way home from a long day and realize the Jackets are playing the overrated Blues.  Couple emails later, I have my ticket.  I actually enjoy going alone even though people find it odd.

Game was great but the highlight of my day, night, maybe life was meeting Sergeant Sean and his 4 year old boy, who “wishes he was 6” according to Dad.

Hero Dad and Son Stone outside Nationwide Arena

Sgt. Sean was honored at the game and if I heard correctly, he had over 20 medical procedures (i think surgeries) only to return to active duty.  To protect us all.  I was shaking and so honored that he would pose for my goofy blog (which I was clear to him it was).  Seeing the “special forces” patch on his sleeve.  Seeing his child.

Like many people are when they meet celebrities, which I find silly, I was really nervous.  I’d rather meet this guy any day.  That’s why my photo is so bad!!.  I was shaking, and for the rare time in my life, really felt like I had nothing to say.  Other than thanks.  What else could I say?  I cannot even comprehend a life so rich, so brave and honorable in ways I’ll never know.

Here I am leaving the game early after a LONG day so I can get home to see my family. This man probably leaves his family for years at a time to go duck bombs and bullets. Never forget what, and who, really matter! It ain’t LeBron James.

Thank you my friend.  And “maybe” said dad, Stone will be a hockey player.  I know it’s cliche but really think about what these men and women do for each and every one of you.

Tomorrow, I meet another superhero (maybe) Puckdaddy. LOL  Daddy or Special forces guy?

Night all.

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3 Responses to Military Dad and 4 year old son honored during Blue Jackets game.

  1. John says:

    Fantastic. I can never come up with anything other than “Thanks for keeping us safe.” Anything else just seems trite when you’re talking to this kind of a hero.

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  3. Steve Caruso says:

    A big THANK YOU to all those serving our country.

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