Reprint of my ESPN Cleveland Blog for today….hope it works. Let me know?

Too Much To Say, Too Little Time….As far as blogs go, many mainstream, old school media geeks, hate them.  They see us as not serious, untalented fools.  While the latter may be true, the simple truth is stolen from one of the all time great sports movies (i forget the name) “Build it and they will come.”  What do you mean “Rocque” I asked myself as I typed on?  Well, I mean that if things are interesting, people will pay attention.  Once you have their attention, you have to be real, REAL interesting or talented in order to keep it.  Examples:  Cleveland Indians.  Cleveland Cavs.  I guess one exception are the Cleveland Browns but I’m not certain that these are actually PEOPLE who follow them.

My editor and boss if you will, maintain that I have to capture your attention as if it were the first time you were reading.  So I’m attaching this video of a photo shoot we did at our Blog Studios It may be a cheap trick or a band aid until the real stuff comes, but girls in bikinis always work.

Back to a serious note, Cleveland as a sports town has been ruined.  As a business town, ruined.  Politically, RUINED.  The city sucks and that’s what we are good at.  Prove me wrong and I’ll print it.  Again, I’m one of these failures.  So don’t get mad.  Get better.   How?  Raise your expectations.  One way to save our city, one certain way, is to live, breathe, support, follow hockey.  Local youth hockey, High School teams, the Lake Erie Monsters even though Randy Domain is preventing me from spreading their seed.  If you have cable or Direct TV (direct TV is better) get the NHL ticket or watch NHL on the NHL network of VS.  Read Yahoo’s Puckdaddy blogs, he’s arguably the best voice in hockey right now.

Why is all this going to help?  Keep reading.  Tune in each day as I will lead you down a path that will improve your life significantly.  Hockey isn’t just about gold medals, fighting and Stanley Cups.  It’s a wonderful fraternity of amazing people, in a sport that is classically misunderstood.  It’s time to understand.  Hockey for dummies, is here.  Prepare to live again.

A quick real world example.  When I emailed Keith Williams, the ESPN Cleveland General Manager a hard hitting, fact based email on why hockey is cool, he was so inspired he was reminded of his “glory days of being one of the self proclaimed “all time great street hockey goalies.”  Now I bet I can score on him at will, but it’s this kind of childlike inspiration that can ignite a city who’s flames have long since burned out.

I will continue my quest to bring an NHL franchise here in spite of me having no support, no money and an NHL commissioner who’s against it.  Will it, and they will come!

Later puckers.

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It will happen. Cleveland will win a Stanley Cup before any other major sport's trophy. While we admit we are not hockey bloggers that take themselves seriously, we do expect that ESPN hockey coverage needs challenged. It's time people take hockey seriously, and it ain't happening here. Great hockey, stats, scores, highlights. Um no. LOL
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  1. Bryon says:

    I have NHL Center Ice, and I also have access to Hockey PPV on my DISH Network employee account so I have about as much hockey as I want. I can even see hockey games on ESPN, ESPN II, ESPN Alternate, Regional Sports Networks, and the NHL Network. Not only that but HD is free for life for qualifying customers, and DISH is cheaper than Direct TV on every day prices. That’s why I have DISH and intend to keep it as long as they continue to be cheaper than Direct. Oh, they also have a price freeze on Top packages until 2013.

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