The World’s Best Hockey Blog is giving away FREE Guns N Roses Tickets

Guns N’ Roses To Play At Sturgis Rock N’ Rev Festival. First Concert In 4 Years.

No Strings attached.  I cannot go.  So all fans of GnR and Dangeroushockey, contact me with your best story of why you should/want to go: at  I’ll post the winning story.  My friend just had his foot severed due to diabetes so I’d like the tickets to go to a good cause or some good kick ass people.  2 tickets. GENERAL admission.  I’ll email the winner by Tuesday so you can figure out how the hell to get there.

Fuck Diabetes, Fuck Cancer, Watch Hockey and LOVE GnR and each other.  Thanks to Mr. Bumblefoot for all his support.  Check out the world’s YOUNGEST GnR Fan Video:





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39 Responses to The World’s Best Hockey Blog is giving away FREE Guns N Roses Tickets

  1. amber says:

    id love to go because im a huge Guns N roses fan , my mom made me listen to them when i was 2. i am now 15 and i’ve always wanted to goto one of there shows. it was always disappointing knowing that they stopped touring.
    i would love the opportunity to have the tickets it would make my day
    thanks for your time

  2. Steven Trujillo says:


  3. timothy bernier says:

    g n fn’ r…rock in roll dude!!… band ever…(exclude their bad attitudes)….rock out!….just a comment…dont care about the contest… would be fun, but had to put something on here just cuz i dig their tunes and always will!!….have fun with it and do a wheely!!

  4. hockeyrocque says:

    MUST be 18 or over!!!

  5. Ron Martel Jr. says:

    I can only think of one reason why I would love to take my wife to see the “Guns” is because it would be nice for her and I just to get away on a date. Its hard for her and I to go on a date because we have kids,she works and Iam a full-time student. I know this doesnt seem much to most of the people in the real world, but its our world and its my reason. We are not poor, we are not rich, but when it comes to our kids we need to take care of them first, thats why I would love to win these tickets, to take my wife on a much needed date and to see the best damn band in the world – Guns N Roses!!!!!!

  6. wow I never been to a GNR show , I live in Houston , Tx , they came in 1992 to Houston , the show was sold out and I miss it and 2002 i brought ticket then the show was cancelled .In 2006 they tour but never came to houston . Now It is 2010 , win tickets to see them in a other state that will be so awesome =)

  7. Wanda Ford says:

    My brother idolizes G-N-R, he just got out of the hospital last week where he was in ICU in critical condition for 5 weeks on a ventilator. He has pnuemonia and a bad staph infection in his blood that almost killed him. We lost him twice. I am his sister and I never left the hospital for a minute until he recovered. We have always wanted to see them in concert, but either because of money or some other reason we never got to go. We read everything and know everything about the band. We were planning on trying to go, but because of the expenses of staying at the hospital could not afford the tickets. This is a true story, not a feel sorry for me story and can I have the tickets please? I can back up everything I said in writing. His antibiotics costs $6000 for 60 pills, they are called Zylox 600mg and we had no insurance, the hospital helped with some, but not all. It would be a dream come true to be able to take him to this concert, he has been through so much. Thank you for your time, I know you’ll make sure someone who really deserves them gets them. We are grateful just for the oppertunity.

  8. andreA says:

    I need to go because I love love gnr… I have been a fan for over 10’s …o wore out the tapes. yes tapes not cd!! I rocked the t-shirt in my small town of necks in jr high and had the poster of ax on my wall … I would stare at it and dream of seeing him in person! ( it was the poster that his crouch was really big!! hehe) I have gnr pj’s and wear them at 31 years old! I’m also a nurse and take care of many dm’s .. hope your friend is healing well.

  9. Adam stein says:

    Well I listened to them as a kid and teenager . I used to fantasize about being in a rock band and I never thought I would meet them or anything like that. Well years later, My dreams started to become reality. I joined a band and got to play a lot of great shows. I ended up meeting Slash one night and I thought what could top that! Then a year later my band opened for Gilby Clarke a total of 3 times. And one day we got “the call!” A friend/ promoter asked us if we wanted to open up for Slash’s Snakepit. Of course we did it! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would have these experiences! The best of my Life! Unfortunately now, I am slightly disabled and can no longer play an instrument and i have not seen the new GNR lineup! Let me know, because I’ll have to get a plane ticket! I’m so sorry to hear about your friend and that you can’t go. 😦

  10. Mike Cottis says:

    I’ve been a die hard Guns fan since 1987. I have a nice tattoo on my right arm of G n’ R. That i got in 1992. My wife and I were in the 4th row at Three Rivers Stadium in 1991 and Saw them together in Cleveland a couple years ago. We would love this road trip!!! Guns is the best band in the world, new and old.
    Please consider my entry!!!

  11. priscilla says:

    my brother and sister used to listen to this shit music when i was growin up,then i realised yeah i like it,it was guns n roses,started goin out with my 1st boyfriend at 15 untill i was 19.get in the ring was my song,totally fuckin loved it,but november rain became the one whn the boyfriend died.we used ta dance ta it. mr brownstone,loved it so and my boyfriend were hardcore guns n roses.always will love them.went to a tribute guns n roses gig one night ,loved it,was going up the stairs out of me head drunk and the axl lookalike singer started chattin me up,i explained i was only lookin for ciggerettes and he started sayin to me.DO U NO WHO UR TALKING TOO, he made me cry the tit and him an impersonator.ikept sayinf to my friends look what hes done im put off gnrs,and thy madw mw cop on.ah give the tickets ta who ya want.axl nos where i am in ireland and one day hel find me and hit me with the stick he had foe estranged god bles him.hes a finer lol

  12. I’m a single mom,who really needs to go to see guns-n-roses.My daughter has a disease called cystic fibrosis,lots of care & medications through the night.I very rarely get time for myself,I sure could use a break. Sorry about your friends foot,your in my prayers. Thanks for a chance, Desiree Darland.

  13. James Buster says:

    ok when i was in school back in the 90’s i bought 2 tickets for the G N FUCKIN R/METALLICA with faith no more show and the night before the show my grandma died so i had to be there for my mom cause that is the man i am i love G N R but i love my mom more and than i got another chance to see them in ohio so bought the tickets and on the way there a truck hit us from behind and got put in the hospital i fractured my skull and ruptured my ear drum so after all of that behind me i get another chance to see G N R with skid row so me and my buddy’s are getting ready to head to the show and as soon as we are going out the door phone rings its my girlfriend her water broke and so there again i do the right thing and watch my daughter be born and so i would really really really love to go and see them after all that has happened to me but if you dont chose me than the person you do chose i will be happy for them cause they will see the best front men of all time.

  14. priscilla says:

    k ppl hes lying bout this,he just wants replys coz if i had my hands on those tickets id b going in a wheelchair and on my deathbed,,thats how much of a hardcore fan i am,so dnt give him the satisfaction of replying giving him such a big head he could blw himself ta all fairness hes not a hardcore fan like us wasting our time thinking oh were gonna get these tickets .please….gunsnroses r sold out in dublin in sept 4 a reason,coz us irish fuckin loves them,and i was unfortunate ta get a ticketm,but at least i can say,yeah im poor and i cant afford a ticket,but im a true fan,and i dpnt need ta go on a site and tell lies to presuid people that im selling nothing.end off,axl wud put ur balls through ur mouth

    • James Buster says:

      how the fuck do you know if this man has these tickets or not ? maybe he is just a giving person and not fucked up bitch like YOU so if i win these tickets ill be sure to send you a picture from the show to prove to your dumb ugly fuckin ass that there are NICE people in this world still unlike cunts like you…..and im a true GUNS N FUCKIN ROSES FAN so suck on that you bitch. ROCQUE ignore this bitch named PRISCILLA cause she is one of those angry for being ugly biches….

  15. priscilla says:

    oh yeah an aim drun too so kiss my fat white ass too.i may not have a ticket to see thm but o i am an original.a true fan wouldnt sell their ticket.END OFF

  16. Valerie Dahl says:

    I HAVE TO win! My 17 year old son named AXL, (Axl Tyler for Steven too) is currently starring as Rolf n the Sound of Music! He Rocks, and another son is in a band! Our 25th Wedding Anniversary is next Tuesday, 8-10-85! We have been HUGE GNR fans since their start, cause we lived in LA, where I taught elementary school. We saw them several times, in LA, Minneapolis, And Fargo. I would give anything to be at Sturgis to see them, I have a motorcycle license but hubby does not, so we don’t own a bike. We have a friend that lives there to be our guide….PLEASE pick me..I have been crying about missing it on FB, want my link?

  17. Brenda Powell says:

    GNR fan from WAY back!!! Hands down, the best band ever!!! My kids were raised on GNR, and I used to rock my babies to sleep to Sweet Child, and partied rockin out to GNR…. Still my favorite band to this day, sad when I finally had money to buy the tickets, they broke up. My kids know every GnR song, and Slash is my oldest’s son HERO!!!! Whoever wins, have a beer at the concert for all of us that couldn’t be there!!!!! OKAY… single mom, rasied three babies by myself due to divorce and circumstances, and within the last two years, (at age 42), I had three heart attacks, found out I have Coronary Artery Disease, and a butt-load of other heart related problems, two open heart surgeries; my only brother died in a car accident in January (and today is his birthday), and my boyfriend broke up with me the next day. F* the b/f, but Rock on anyways, right!! Even if you don’t choose me, it’s cool, you’re doing a wonderful thing for a wonderful cause! God Bless you man!

  18. Tammy Cummins says:

    man im trippin at this chance…i have been praying for somehow, someway that me and my ol man could go see my gnr rockin out at sturgis…what a night..i have been a gnr fan since 1987.. seen em three times in my life…im 45 years old , married to a man they call creature for 18 years now…..he loves gnr almost as much as i do..our room is covered in gnr…i have a tattoo portrait of axl on one leg and slash on the a tattooer myself….i have axls name with a rose tatted under it on my arm. my ol man has a huge back tatt covering his whole back of gnr..we are loyal fans of axls…and we love to party and have all out fun when we ever get a chance…even though its starting to get a little hard on have three daughters and two grand babies…would be a gift from god to win these tickets so that my husband and i could get away for a few days and see our favorite band in the world….and we would love u forever and ever..ha…we could take the bike out for a great trip… if its meant to be i will be forever greatful….you will see me on cnn if i get close enough to them….haha… thanks for the chance…sorry u will have to miss it….tammy and creature….

  19. john says:

    a ticket for the concert of g n fn’ r will be a ticket for every lucky one…. i m a worth dying fan of g n fn’ r… their are my inspiration to my band named “sweetchildz”….. I LOVE GUNS N’ ROSES….!!!AXL017

  20. john says:

    a ticket for the concert of g n fn’ r will be a ticket to heaven for every lucky one…. i m a worth dying fan of g n fn’ r… their are my inspiration to my band named “sweetchildz”….. I LOVE GUNS N’ ROSES….!!!AXL017

  21. denise blackwell says:

    Oh where do i start my husband and i are such great fans,i sadly had some off my guns n roses cds stolen one night at a party of ours,i was crushed..We sadly have had a lot of heart ache in our lives in the last few years,the lose of my mum i actually saw her take her last breath,seeing my husband brutally attacked by a rottweiler i jumped in to save him he almost died and i received a bravery award,my daughters little girl passed away at only 15 months,then a bike accident out here on the farm Matty sadly passed away only being at the age of 17 doing jumps,he was my sons best mate coming out here every day since yr 4 he was like a son to us.So to go and see you guys and just let our hair down would be so so awesome..Cheers Denise you guys rock.

  22. utna says:

    i love GNR

  23. utna in Pantura Pati-Kayen km. 7, Java, Indonesia says:

    GNR still give deep love for me and my life. They are most of my life…. Be success… I hope God will help how i can meet u with nice….

  24. Jacob T. says:

    I’ve been trying for years to see GN’R. When they came to where I live in 06 as well as when they came to Puerto Rico this year. I even tried to make it to one of the shows in Canada but I myself got very sick at the last moment. But if I won these tickets still then wouldn’t even be for me. I’d be giving them to a friend of mine who has gone through more than most people could imagine. Her entire life has been constantly turned upside down and as much as I would love to see my favorite band, I know she would too.

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  26. Pariah says:

    I would love to take my wife to see G N’ R, I have seen them twice back when I was 15. My wife has not seen them and would love to. I have been telling her for years that one day I will take her to a Guns show if they ever come to the states again. This is not a good time for us though, we have six kids and just finished buying for back to school plus three of our children had birthdays within a three week period so we are pretty tapped out on ability to do anything for ourselves. We love G N’ R though, I have kept up with them since they came out in the mainstream in 1987, I have every album twice and have the original 12 inch vinyl of appetite (the rape scene) to name a few things., I have a whole tote box full of memorabilia. I appreciate the opportunity.

    Thank you.

  27. Christina Sagala says:

    Sorry to hear of ur friends sickness. I wud lvoe a chance to see GNR!! I seen them In Charlotte NC back n the 80’s and Then in Columbia SC with Metallica in the 90’s. so u r probly gona say, she dont deserve the tickets, shes already seen them 2 times b4. What is special is that was my first concert, I was the biggest Guns fan. thier musci helped me deal with the ignorent ppl in high school and the newer music got me thru a bad job. I have an 8 yr old son who is just a Guitar Hero Player/ Fan. He loves “Welcome To the Jungle” and is rocking out to All the GNR tunes. I think it was my dreamto see my fave band, as a guy u know whats its like to wana c u fav and be able to tell ppl for years to come about the time u seen Guns N Roses!! Let me get them tickets!!!

  28. Banana's says:

    G n’ R , what other band would be the best for Sturgis ever. Thanks for giving people a shot at this, f ‘n wild of you! Weather we see ya or not ,Rock on, be wild, Ride forever!!!!
    Guns n’ Roses forever!!

  29. HB3 says:

    This story is not my own. It’s the story of King Of Spades at This is his story.
    “Well its lasted about a decade and it’s been fun. Recently I have been diagnosed with small cell cancer and through research and word I have heard there is not much that can be done. Over the years I have seen a lot of stuff happen for the band and the fans. This has been a huge part in my life and I don’t know where I would be without everyone hear. I don’t know how long I would have lasted as a fan if it weren’t for the demos throughout the years and then the release of Chinese Democracy. Over the years we have seen a lot of high points for Guns and also some low points where we could have lost hope but as fans and a community we drew together and kept everything alive. I did have the pleasure of seeing Guns live this year and was blown away by them, 2006 and 2010 were experiences I will never forget. I do hope to see them one last time. Hopefully by the time its over I will have heard the next album or some sorta new material. I would like to thank everyone hear and the band also for keeping the dream alive.

    Thanks. God Bless.”

    I believe he should receive those tickets.

  30. Danny says:

    Guns N’ Roses is by far one of the greatest bands to ever play on this lovely place we call earth. Im a 90s child, who grew up listening to G’NR, Metallica, Megadeth, The Beatles, Nirvana, Motley Crue, Black Sabbath, the list goes on and on (thanks to my older sister and cousins. without them, i would probably be listening to Nsync…Fuck THat). its 2010, and im still cranking “YouCould Be Mine.” God Damnit i love that song!!!! I want to see these guys in concert cause ive never gotten the chance. This might be my only chance to get tickets. im pretty broke dude, just tryin to make a living while were in this tough hole overall in America. Music today blows soooooo much and it sickens me how people in todays society can enjoy it. it seems people are forgetting to true music. I dont want to be apart of that “Bad Romance” whatsoever. sir i know my reasons are just smashed together in this paragraph, but i hope you get the jist of it all. so please sir, be my hero in gifting me with your tickets. thank you

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  32. nicky says:

    PLEASE come back to oz we want to see you axle ………

  33. Jimmy says:

    I would love to see them. I am a fan of Axl and I have a problem just like your friend. I am a native american indian and we have alot of problems with diabetes . I am diabetic myself and will soon not be able to get around like him. I have had so much problems with my feet lately. I see a podiatrist once a month. I would love to see them and if you can help me I will really appreciate the tickets.

  34. Jenny Curtis says:

    G-N-R – Still rocking me!

  35. Madison paulus says:

    I love GnRs for 7 years in a row now! ive never been to a concer and i really want GnRs to be my first concert! i love axl rose, and slashs guitar soles. i say the 80s and 90s should be the new music. . .

  36. Valerie says:

    Like everybody else I am a huge GnR fan. I’ve never been fortunate enough to see them in concert and would love the opportunity to do something for myself and my youngest daughter (she’s 16). Life hasn’t been the best, but I’m sure it’s been better than most. Right now, without going into personal details, I could just really use some time away soaking up some inspiration from Axl. I know it sounds lame, but I just really need some hope that my life is going to get better. And music always seems to help soothe the soul. Thanks.

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